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Nov-14-2018, 11:28:18 am
Because They Said Yes-They Paid Less
Because They Said Yes-They Paid Less

Hi KulePing Members

Sometimes just showing up can make all the difference.

The people who showed up on our live webinar
on Saturday are now...

1) Using a new mailer called Headline Mail
That writes the subject Lines for You and
auto inserts those subject lines right into the mailer.

Yes Really it does this. I am not kidding you.

2) They are creating a traffic frenzy for their
own sites by using a took traffic tool
that works in a fast, furious and fun way.

Watch both of these things in action right here.

This is our Pre_launch webinar where I show
you how this new site works.

This is going to knock your socks off when you see it and...

It is not too late to show up and take action today.

We officially launch Nov 17th but action takers
can get in early and save a bundle.

It always pays to show up and...
It always Pays to say yes

Because They said Yes, They paid Less.

Go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: Early Founder Big Discount-Grab it today.

You can get into our new site early at a
big discount today. Save 150.00 today

We officially launch next Saturday Nov 17th.

Those who were on the webinar are already using
the new Headline Mailer and the new traffic
frenzy tool as we speak because they showed up.

You can do likewise.

I will leave the webinar bonus link open
at the bottom of the webinar page
for the next few days.

Start using this remarkable New site now.
Save dough by using the special webinar link.

Here is what you get as a founder at the new site

It disappears when we launch on Saturday Nov 17th

[fname] Double your dough-This double-up closes tomorrow
Your order will be doubled today. 48 hours only
You are holding all the cards-We stacked them in your favor
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