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Nov-16-2018, 12:23:29 pm
First Look At More Visitors Now-We Create a Traffic Frenzy
First Look At More Visitors Now-We Create a Traffic Frenzy

Hi KulePing Members

More Visitors Now Just Launched and it is a corker.

It has 2 main features:


A Brand New Mailer Called Headline Mail
Writes the Subject lines for you.

I am not kidding. It really does that!

These subject lines have been tested to
assure full delivery to members inboxes.

Your emails will never again go into the spam folder.

The subject lines to use are in targeted categories.
You just choose the one you like and it auto pops
right into the mailer.

Here is the nifty part.

You can choose one of our tested subject lines
use it as is or edit it anyway you like or...

Use your own subject lines.
This is completely your choice.

But it sure is nice to know that when you choose
a Headline Mail subject line, you can be sure
you get 100% delivery to inboxes.

Even Better...

You don't need (credits) to use the mailer.
Mail Every 2 days to all members.


We have a new traffic tool that will create
a Traffic Frenzy for you.

It is called Crazy Climber.

It is a fast, furious and fun way to get
heeps of traffic to your site every day.

You will love the way this new site drives
traffic to your own sites but...

Warning playing the Crazy Climber Traffic
game is addictive.

So Let's Get started.

Go here:

Go to the yellow box.

Pop in a subject line.
Pop in a url and Hit save.

Click on the Green Button that says Join Free Now

And that begin your sign up process.

If you want More Visitors Now.
This is the place you want to be

Go get um

Jane Mark
More Visitors Now
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: Watch for The Premium Offer as you sign up.

This gives you the subject lines for the Mailer.
You can mail every 2 days
Get Seen On Crazy Climber 10 times more often
Earn 40% on every sale.

Catch the Premium one time offer on the way in.
You will pay much more for it in the members area.

[fname] Double your dough-This double-up closes tomorrow
Your order will be doubled today. 48 hours only
You are holding all the cards-We stacked them in your favor
Title: [keyword]
Website URL:
RSS URL: [optional]
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