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Mar-21-2019, 01:09:59 pm
the circle of wealth-let's get you into it now
the circle of wealth-let's get you into it now

HI KulePing Members

Today is the first day of Spring.

Spring comes around once a year
and it circles back the next year

Time is passing

Let's Celebrate it by getting you
into the circle of wealth today.

Our popular site, Profit From Free Ads is
Flying high.

People are loving it and more importantly making
a lot of dough from it.

It has become my go to site.
I start and end my day at PFFA.

We are celebrating the success of PFFA
by offering you an easy flexi pay DISCOUNT
link on our most popular upgrade, Tycoon ,
Ad Pack Level 7

Those who are raking in the dough are the ones
who come in at the Tycoon level, Ad Pack 7

We have received emails from many members who
would like to upgrade to our top level 7 but
would like an easy flex pay way to do that.


Here is a special Discount paylink link that
will let you upgrade to Level 7 with 1 payment
or in 3 or 4 easy Payments. Your choice.

Why is our Tycoon Level 7 Special and our Most
Popular Upgrade...

Here are the highlights.


Mail Solo ads for Life to all PFFA Members.
Mail Solo ads for Life to your Downline.

Mail Every 2 days.
No Credits to earn to Use The Mailers.
This is only available for Ad Pack 7 members.


Give away UNLIMITED Free Ad credits 70K a Pop.
Build a List Fast and Easy by giving away these credits.

When you have something of value to give away
to people, they love it and 70,000 Ad credits
has a real value of 350.00.

You can give away 350.00 day in and day out.

These 70,000 Ad credits appear automatically
in the account of anyone who sings up under you.


You start with 830,000 credits in your account
(Value 4191.00)

These credits can be applied to text and banner ads.

You get 8 text ads and 8 banner ads.

You get 800,000 additional credits every month
(Value 3999.00 each and every month. )

Ad Pack level 7 is the only level that gets a monthly
deposit of new ad credits

It means your ads are showing when most others
have run out of credits.


Earn Across 7 Levels.
Earn 50% From Every Sale
Earn up to 584.50 Per sale.

Pay Once and That's It.
Or Choose our easy Flexi Pay
and pay over 3 or 4 months.

This can put a heap of fungolas in your pocket.

We pay every Friday.


We promote Your PFFA Affiliate link for You
For Life when you come in at Level 7.

This is a superb bonus-one of the best
we have ever offered.

We give you a free targeted ad spot for life
in our premium Targeted Traffic site called
Never Ending Traffic 4U (That a value of 180.00)


You get 2 affiliate links.
One goes to the main sales page
One goes to a short capture page

They are waiting for you.
Grab them and prosper.

When You Speak, We Listen.

It's not magic.
You can do this.

Get upgraded and grab your affiliate link
and put some dough in your pocket today.

Use This Special Discount Paylink.

You can pay all at once or pay in
3 or 4 easy payments. Your Choice.


Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: This is a manual upgrade. Once you pay we
will upgrade your account and send you a detailed
welcome letter when that has been done.

PPS: Pick up 350.00 for FREE Today

If you are not yet a member of Profit From Free
Ads, sign up under my link today and I will put
70,000 Free Advertising Credits in your account
(value 350.00)

Times are tough-Could you use more-money?
Would you like more MoneyBucks?
How to turn 94 bucks into $2023.00 from just 1-sale. Watch-Live
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