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Dec-17-2018, 11:01:30 am
I Am going To Double Your Dollars Today
I Am going To Double Your Dollars Today

Hi KulePing Members

I have to run out early so I will make this quick.

If you act now you can DOUBLE your dough today.

Here's How

Step 1

If you are not yet a member of our
fabulous site called Front Page Mail

Sign up under my link today and I will
put 100,000 Free Ad credits into your
account. ($Value 500.00)

Step 2

Log into your account and go to the button
the top menu that says Dashboard and click
on the menu item that says Fund My Account.

I will double any purchase over 100 bucks today.

Buy 100 buying tokens you will get 200
Buy 250 you will get 500

Anything over 100 will be doubled today

go get um

Jane Mark
Front Page Mail
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: Your Double up will be added manually so
I will do this later today when I get back
to my office

I will let you know when Your purchase has been doubled.

Your purchase must be dated today, December
17th in order to collect this double up

It's Not Everyday You Get a Moon Shot-When You Do-Take It
the circle of wealth-let's get you into it now
Put your marketing in our professional hands-We do it for you.
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