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Dec-19-2018, 11:13:35 am
Founder membership - Huge markdown - 6 days left.
Founder membership - Huge markdown - 6 days left.

Wait Until you see this special Founding membership
that my Partner, Phil Basten, cooked up for Christmas.

It is better then Rare Prime Rib on Christmas Eve.
More Enticing then a Chocolate Cake
More Long lasting then a fine aged wine

Well You get the idea. It's Yummy:)

Here is the bottom line

Do the smart thing-Pick Up $1500.00 Today.

Save $500.00 today on the Price.
Get $500.00 back to Buy Keywords.
Get $500.00 signing Bonus of 100,000
Free ad Credits (Value $500.00)

All Up you Save or Get Back $1500.00 Today.

You are actually paying nothing at all for
your founding membership.

Take a look at What Founders Get


The new mailers at Front page Mail are not
like any other mailer you use on the net.

I call these mailers my Secret Sauce as
the can get my on the Page One of the
search engines in a very unique way.


Use the Front Page Mailer Every 2 Days
Use the KuleBuzz Mailer Every 2 Days
Use the Downline mailer Daily


Your emails reach 200,000 every time use them.

You just hit send and bingo! Your emailS are
in front of a huge audience in a nano second.

As a Founder you can do that every 2 days


At you Front Page Mail you can own keywords
for life and these keywords are what get you
on the front page of the search engines
including Google in 72 hours or less.

Keywords sell for 1.00 at Front Page Mail
and founders get 500 buying tokens put into
their account from day 1.

Yes we give you back $500.00 to start buying
up the keywords you want to use.

This means you can buy up to 500 keywords
right out of the gate.

You can own any keywords or keywords phrase
that match your websites and you own them
for life.

You can attach these keywords to any website
you promote and your ad with your website
will appear at the top of any search at FPM
and all over the net.


Here is where we are completely unique.

Once you own a keyword, the process of
attaching them to your emails is automatic
and easy as pie to so.

You just click on a keyword that you own and
bingo! It attaches itself to the bottom of
you emails making your emails powerful and
search engine friendly.

There are no other mailers on the net that
do this for you.


Because of the keywords that you own as
as Founder and a neat feature at the site
where we ping the weblogs for you on what we call
the Ad Profit page. search engines will crawl
out site constantly for new content and yours
will be the one they see.

In the members area, there is training on
just how to do this but trust me, you will
get traffic to your websites-Lots of it

And it is drop dead easy to do.


As a founder you get to give away 100,000 Free Ad Credits
to anyone who signs up under you.

The value of this is $500.00 and people jump at the chance
to grab these 100,000 Free Ad Credits.

I call this the Great Give Away and it will
help you build a list faster then cat can
grow whiskers.


Founders earn from all membership sales up to 523.95 per sale.
This give you huge earning power

Earn From Linking Fees
Earn when you downline funds their account even if
they don't upgrade.

Earn from your mailings
Earn from the Ad profit page
Earn From our Cash Funnel

You can earn up to 523.95 per sale as a Founder
and that is nothing to sneeze at

Some of the income is recurring so you will love that part.

At Front Page Mail you are going to be amazed at the many
ways you can earn money at the site.

And after all isn't that the name of the game in any business.


Anyone can use this site
Everything is all done for you automatically
No Experience Needed

We have you covered at Front Page Mail

There is also full training in the members
area and once you see this in action you
are going to realize just how powerful
this new site will make you.


My partner, Phil Basten and I have been developing
Advertising sites both mailers and traffic sites for
online businesses for 18 years.

Front Page Mail combines our collective knowledge
about how to make mailer work effectively and how to
drive traffic to your sites day in and day out and what
the best way is to Get You Onto Page One everywhere.

It is all here waiting for you at Front Page Mail

It is a Money Maker
It is LOTS of fun.

Start buying your 500 keywords today

WARNING: this site is addictive
Once you join, you will never want to leave-EVER!

Use this Special DISCOUNT Paylink to upgrade
to founder. You are really getting your founder
membership for FR_EE whn you act today.

That is a gift of $1500.00 when you act today

$500.00 put back into your account to buy keywords
$500.00 savings on the price of the ugprade
$500.00 of Free Advertising Credits

All up you get back $1500.00.

Take the Deal.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Phil Basten
Front Page Mail
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: This is a manual upgrade. You will get
a detailed welcome letter from me when your
account has been upgraded and your keyword
buying tokens and 100K free ad credits have
been added.

Note: You can pay in one lump sum for Founder
or pay on our flex pay system so take advantage
of this offer now and get set up for a return
on your investment in ways you cannot even
imagine now.

Phil Says this is Absolutely Brilliant and it is yours f-ree
I bought 100K Of These and...Here is What Happened
We put the sizzle in summer-time for you to dive in and make dough
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