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Dec-23-2018, 05:58:06 pm
We Never Shut Down-Here Is What We can Do For You Today
We Never Shut Down-Here Is What We can Do For You Today

Hi KulePing Members

The US government may be Closed but...
We are Open For Business.

We are like the Energizer Bunny.
We Never Shut Down.

Here is what we can do for You today.
We can build you a Targeted List in a Nano Second.

List Building is not hard to do if someone does
it for you.

That someone is us.

We set up a targeted List for you in a Nano Second.
You can email that list Daily.

And then it gets even better...

We auto grow that 3000 person list into hundreds
and then thousands more on Auto Pilot.

You don't do a thing. We do it all for you.

Where do we do this
Right here at our Flagship site, Sokule.

You can Grab a Founding Membership in our New Sokule site
and save over 50% today right now today.

You can cash in your lucky ticket Today right now Today
and save yourself a whopping 50%.

Use This 50% off link Today.

If You like Sales, You Will Love This.

Here are the Highlights...


Get your message in front of 1.4 million Instantly and Daily.


Start with a list of 3000 members instantly (value 2982.00)

We Build this list For YOU. It is a Targeted List.

Email that list Daily.


Get 25 million Sokens that will grow your list on
AUTO PILOT to hundreds and then thousands more. (Value 31,750.00 )

Email that growing list Daily


50% on all sales.

Earn up to 748.50 per sale.

Get paid every Friday.

Use this special DISCOUNT paylink to upgrade your account.
Save Over 50% on our founder membership when you act today.

You will pay double for an upgraded membership
in the members area.

Do Not Let This Pass You By.

Let us Build Your List For You Today.

Go For Founder and save a Whopping 50% when you act today.

You can pay once or use our easy 3 pay flexi-pay.

List Building is Easy when you Let us Do it for You.

We Never Shut Down.

We Can do all of this for you right now today
in a Nano Second.

Go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: When you use the Special Discount paylink,
it is a manual upgrade.

You will get a personal detailed welcome letter form me
letting you know your account has been upgraded and
all of the bonuses added.

PPS: If you are not yet a member of Sokule, join us here:

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