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Jan-07-2019, 12:46:08 pm
You are Invited to Join Jane and Phil Live Sat Jan 12th
You are Invited to Join Jane and Phil Live Sat Jan 12th

Hi KulePing Members

Join Jane Mark and Phil Basten Live
Saturday, January 12th at 12 noon Est.

Find out what the Number 1 Rule of Marketing Inc.

There is 1 cardinal rule when it comes to marketing.

Violate it at your peril.

Follow it and there will be no end to your success.

Join my partner, Phil Basten, and me for a live webinar.

Saturday, Jan 12th at 12,00 Noon Est.

We will reveal what the number 1 rule of marketing
is and we will show it to you in action.

Swing into the New Year with know how in your
wheel house and dough in your pocket.

Register Here:

go get um

Jane Mark
Phil Basten
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: If you are not yet a member of newest site
called More Visitors Now, join us today and I
will put 100,000 Free Ad Points into your account
( $500.00)

Phil Says this is Absolutely Brilliant and it is yours f-ree
I bought 100K Of These and...Here is What Happened
We put the sizzle in summer-time for you to dive in and make dough
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