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May-27-2019, 10:35:27 am
KulePing Members When One Door Closes Another One Opens-Walk Through it.
KulePing Members When One Door Closes Another One Opens-Walk Through it.

Hi KulePing Members

Yesterday we hung the Sold Out Sign on Our very popular
double up offer for Premium Targeted traffic.

That Door Closed but another opened.

Today we are Doubling Our Gold Membership at Sokule

Here is what that means for you.

* Save 200.00 on our Gold Membership Today.

* Gold is a 5 Year Membership. You pay once today
and you do not pay again for 5 years. (Value $697.00)

* We build an instant targeted list of 3000 Members
You do nothing at all. We auto build it for you
right now today.

* Gold usually comes with 1500 list members. Today
we are doubling it to 3000.00 ( Value $2982.00 )

* You Can email that list Every 2 Days.

* You Get 30 Million sokens at Sokule Today.

* Gold usually comes with 15 million sokens Today.
We are doubling it today to 30 Million. (Value 38,100.00)

* These 30 million sokens will auto grow your
3000 member list to hundreds and even thousands more

* You do NOTHING at all to grow this list.
We AUTO GROW your list for you.

* The list is a targeted list.

* Email that list every 2 days.

* Post to 1.4 million people 4 times daily on our kulewall.

* Earn 45% on every Sokule Sale you Make.

When one door closes another one opens.

Here is the special Gold Double Up Link that gives
you every thing listed above and so much more.

Unlock the power of Sokule.
Walk through this Door Today.

Happy Memorial Day
We keep our Vets in our hearts every day.

go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: When you use the special Double Up link, it is
a manual upgrade. You will get a detailed letter
from me when your account has been upgraded and
your double ups added.

PPS: If you are not yet a member of Sokule, join us
right here.

Here's the tick-tock for our new-launch-Would you like to Join-us?
It's 8.00 am are you still leaving your house to go to work?
Times are tough-Could you use more-dough?
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