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Jun-08-2019, 01:14:52 pm
This message has been tested by Email Content Checker-Score 99
This message has been tested by Email Content Checker-Score 99

Hi KulePing Members

I have been testing this new site for over
8 weeks now and here are my findings.

I use Email Content Checker daily
My emails almost never go into the spam box.

I have increased my open rates by 47% using ECC
I have increased by sales by over 50%

This is one heck of a good result.

This site is easy as pie to use.
No Experience needed

You pop your subject line into Email Content Checker
It gives you your score in 2 seconds

If you score is 90 or above you are good to go.

If your score is under 90 ECC tells you exactly
what you need to do to change it.

And then you can use the ECC Mailer

Take your subject line score and pop it into the ECC Mailer

You can mail daily
Your email reaches over 265,000 with 1 click.

Sign up under my link today and I will put 100,000
f-ree ad credits into your account. (Value $500.00)

Let's get you into the inbox instead of
the spam box and increase your sales.

Let's get started.

go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: Founder Savings today.

We are offering a 100 dollars off on our most
popular ECC membership, The Founder membership


Founder gives you unlimited subject line testing
Unlimited traffic to your subject lines plus
1 million f-ree ad credits

THE MAILERS-reach over 265,000 with 1 click

Access to the ECC solo ad mailer reach 265,000
with just 1 click.
Mail daily

Access to the ECC downline mailer
Mail Daily.


We promote each of subject lines for you
and send unending traffic to them.


Earn 40% on every sale.

Use this special discount pay link
Choose founder
Pocket 100 bucks today.

We will upgrade your account manually and send
you a detailed welcome letter when that has been done.

Here's the tick-tock for our new-launch-Would you like to Join-us?
It's 8.00 am are you still leaving your house to go to work?
Times are tough-Could you use more-dough?
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