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Apr-01-2019, 11:13:47 am
How high is your score-find out and make more dough every day
How high is your score-find out and make more dough every day

Hi KulePing Members

My Partner, Phil Basten and I have been buried
under a rock somewhere working on a new site
that you are going to love.

Here is what I can tell you

We are launching April 3rd.

The site is...

Easy as pie to use
No experience needed.

It tells you your score in a nano second
You need this score to make sales.

It has its own special solo ad mailer
You can mail daily
It has its own downline mailer
You can mail daily.

This new site is designed to put more
money in your pocket every day.

When my partner Phil does something, he
does it up right and..

that is all I am going to say about that for now

Stay tuned for our new launch.

Register on the launch list and you
be the first to hear all about it.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Know Your Score
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: Early Bird Founders-Last 3 days to save

Let's get you going early.
You can save money on founder
if you join now.

The price for founder goes up on launch date.

To get started early

Please email me at
put in the subject line:

Know Your Score

I will send you all the details and a special
discount paylink to get you in early.

Phil Says this is Absolutely Brilliant and it is yours f-ree
I bought 100K Of These and...Here is What Happened
We put the sizzle in summer-time for you to dive in and make dough
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