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Apr-05-2019, 03:08:16 pm
A fool and his dough are soon parted-but not anymore
A fool and his dough are soon parted-but not anymore

Hi KulePing Members

We know you spend a lot of dough
on advertising your business.

We know you use solo ad mailers which can
cost a pretty penny.

If your ads are going into the spam box instead of
the inbox, that dough is out the window, gone
kaput, wasted, never to be seen again.

My Partner, Phil Basten, developed a very
easy to use new site that will make sure
your emails always arrive in the inbox.

You test your subject line score
It only takes 2 seconds
If your score is above 90, you are good to go

But if your score is below 90, you can get it
up to 90 or above simply changing a couple of
things in your subject line.

And guess what...We tell you exactly what you
need to change and make suggestions on what
words to use instead of the ones that may
be causing a problem.

Once you test your score, we have a fabulous
new solo ad mailer that you can use to reach
members daily at their contact address.

That one solo ad mailer will also show on
6 high traffic sites so that you get continual
traffic to it and will reach over 265,000 members

There is also a cash funnel build into the site
so that when you promote it you can get sales
from 1 dozen tested solo ad mailers.

Bottom Line

Test your Subject Line Score
It only takes 2 seconds

Save your subject lines and get
traffic to them daily right at the site.

Use the high scoring subject lines in every
email you send out.

Use them in any mailers you belong to

Use them in the new ECC mailer
Reach over 265,000 people with 1 click

Earn up to 198.80 per sales from membership sales.

Make your emails count
Earn from each one you send out.

Give away up to 100,000 fre-e ad credits
to everyone who sign sign up under you.
(Value $500.00)

This will build you a list quicker than
a cat can grow whiskers.

The cash funnel.
Earn from 12 tested high earning
Solo Ad Mailers

To find out how all of this is done

Sign up under my link today and I will put
100,000 free ad credits into your account.
(Value $500.00)

Let's get started.

A fool and his dough are soon parted but that
changes the minute you join Email Content Checker

Go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: Launch Special Extended

We are keeping our founder discount open for
the next few days while we add new benefits to
this new site.

If you would like to use this discount paylink
for your upgrade, use it here and we will upgrade
you manually and send you a detailed welcome letter

Here is the discount link launch link

Phil Says this is Absolutely Brilliant and it is yours f-ree
I bought 100K Of These and...Here is What Happened
We put the sizzle in summer-time for you to dive in and make dough
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