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May-09-2019, 11:06:56 am
My dog Cuddles is 11 today-he has a special gift for you.
My dog Cuddles is 11 today-he has a special gift for you.

Hi KulePing Members

My dog, Cuddles, is 11 years old today
He still acts like a puppy.

My partner, Phil and I are so blessed to
have him in our life.

Those of you who are dog lovers know what I mean.

You can see a picture of cuddles here:

He sits by our side all day long and at least
2 or 3 times a day tugs at Phil's jeans, looks
up at him with those adoring eyes and says:

"okay buddy time to get off the computer
and come and play with me"

Out comes the ball and the 2 of them go back
and forth while cuddles lets out squeals
of joy as he lunges for the ball and captures
it in his mouth.

He never returns the balls that he catches
He makes Phil go and fetch them and them
the 2 of them start all over again.

cuddles is the joy of our life and on his behalf
we are giving away a special Cuddles Birthday gift.

List Building done for you.

We will build a list of 6000 members for you
You can have it today if you like.

These are targeted lists members.

Then we grow that 6000 members list for you.
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We grow it for you.

You can mail to that list daily.

We have been building lists for the past
19 years. We know how to do this.

Grab this special today and make Cuddles's
day a very special one for you too.

go get um

Jane Mark
Cuddles Mark
Phil Basten
List Building Done For You.

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