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Sep-28-2019, 01:50:51 pm
We Create a simple Page for you that can make you dough.
We Create a simple Page for you that can make you dough.

Hi KulePing Members

Announcing Capture Pages Done4U
Without them you are cooked.

Capture pages build lists for you
Without a list, you cannot make dough online.

Your capture pages should be:


And they must contain a call to action.

For that to happen you need:

Killer Ad copy
A designer background made to enhance your site.
A custom button that delivers the action call.

The Goal is to build a list and make sales.

A capture page can do that for you in ways
you may not have imagined

For example, just one of my capture pages
has built a list for me of over 17,000 members
that has resulted in over 500,000 in sales.

You may have seen it.
I call it my Walk In The Park Capture page

We want to get you started down the very same path.

Let's get your capture pages up and running for You.
and let's put them to work for you.

Here is what you get when you order today

* You get 3 professionally written capture pages.
* You get custom background images.
* You get custom action buttons designed just for you
* We'll add your favorite auto-responder for you.
* We will submit your new webpages to the search engines.
* You can edit, change, and customize your pages if you wish.
* We can add any short YouTube video you wish to your pages.

Here is where you go to get started.

Capture pages will be done in the order they are
received. First come-first served.

go get um

Jane Mark
Done 4U Services
JAMMarketing Inc.

PS: You must be an unlimited member of Onyalist
to use this service.

There are 3 pay buttons at the bottom
the Capture pages done4U page.

Choose the one that applies to you
Non Onyalist member
Pro Onyalist member
Unlimited Onyalist member

If you would simply like to join Onyalist
please do that here and create your own
stunning capture pages.

Here's the tick-tock for our new-launch-Would you like to Join-us?
It's 8.00 am are you still leaving your house to go to work?
Times are tough-Could you use more-dough?
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