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Aug-24-2019, 04:55:01 pm
I Call this my Power Mailer-Time to power up.
I Call this my Power Mailer-Time to power up.

Hi KulePing Members

Grabber Mail is a one of a kind Solo ad Mailer
It runs rings around all other mailers.

This mailer will do things No Other Mailer does.

I guarantee you, you have never seen
anything like this before.

* You can mail Every 2 Days.
* No Credits To Earn.
* You can add an eye catching Image to Your Email.
* This is Magical
* The Image Makes Your Mailings Unforgettable.

* The Images are provided for you.
All you do is click on one and out it
goes with your mailing.
* It is optional. You can use them or not
Your choice.

* Get Your Emails in front of 250,000 Members.
* You Mail Once and Get Traffic Forever.

* Pay Once and Mail Forever.
* You Can Use out Flexpay System.
* Earn Up to 198.80 per sale

Grabber Mail is a Marketer's Mailer.

Here is how you can get your hands on
Grabber Mail right out of the Gate.

go get um

Jane Mark
Grabber Mail
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: Our Paid Memberships Are Limited for this very
special mailer. Pick up a Pro or Expert account today

The price will go up once these memberships sell out.

I like my-traffic f-ree-don't you?
Are you still pay-ing-for traffic?
Those in the know know the right time to go
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