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Sep-04-2019, 10:17:15 am
Submitters With Clout-automate-your-marketing
Submitters With Clout-automate-your-marketing

Hi KulePing Members

Whenever you can Automate some of your marketing do it.

Phil and I love Submitters where you push a button
and your URL gets submitted to dozens and dozens
of places almost instantly but...

We didn't like the Submitters we saw out there on the net.

So we developed 3 Submitters for our own use to make sure
that our URLs would reach High Value Sites.

We developed our own-

* Search Engine Submitter
* Classified Submitter
* Directory Submitter.

I call these Submitters-Submitters With Clout.

You Can Purchase Them for a Song.

These are one time purchases and you can use
the Submitters for life.

They are easy as pie to use.
No Experience needed.

You just pop your URLs in.
Hit Submit
That's It. You're Done.

Prices start at just 37.00 bucks.

Where can you find these baubles?

Go here:

The submitters are waiting for you in
the members area.

You can purchase all of them or any
one of them there.


Better Yet, use the discount link below to
upgrade your account and get everything at
the site plus the 3 submitters at no cost.

Go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

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100 bucks now.

I like my-traffic f-ree-don't you?
Are you still pay-ing-for traffic?
Those in the know know the right time to go
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