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Jan-16-2020, 12:37:48 pm
4 days-left on the founder markdown
4 days-left on the founder markdown

Hi KulePing Members

Are you going to miss the founder markdown?

This one's for you.

There are only 4 days left on this markdown.

A new-site where you can spin the wheel-of-fortune
and win-f-ree-traffic.

It is called KuleTraffic

It's targeted-fast-and-f-ree

It features the 4 main building blocks needed
for the successful marketing of any site.

* Easy list building
* Robust email marketing
* Quality traffic
* High-com-missions.

Spin the wheel
Collect your -free traffic

It's really that easy

Go here and see what I mean
You will love this.

Go get um

Jane Mark

PS: Launch-week-Special-Go Platinum (Founder)

The Platinum Club level which is our
founder level is the only level that
can access our magical-new-mailer.

Mail to 10,000 of our own private list members
Mail every 2 days
Plus mail to all KuleTraffic Members

Platinum members also get to spin the wheel of
fortune and win traffic every-day.

Platinum members will be able to put their own
ids in our second Wheel of fortune so you
will be able to get sign up and-sales under
you very own affiliate links so...

We have a a very special offer.


While we are adding the final touches to the site
you can make-out like a bandit.

Use this special discount paylink to upgrade to Platinum
Save 200 bucks over the member area price.

If this is what day 66 looks like, imagine what day 67 will bring
This site returned my dough 104 times over-Not too shabby
What would happen if you had your own MoneyWheel?
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