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Jan-16-2020, 12:37:48 pm
4 days-left on the founder markdown
4 days-left on the founder markdown

Hi KulePing Members

Are you going to miss the founder markdown?

This one's for you.

There are only 4 days left on this markdown.

A new-site where you can spin the wheel-of-fortune
and win-f-ree-traffic.

It is called KuleTraffic

It's targeted-fast-and-f-ree

It features the 4 main building blocks needed
for the successful marketing of any site.

* Easy list building
* Robust email marketing
* Quality traffic
* High-com-missions.

Spin the wheel
Collect your -free traffic

It's really that easy

Go here and see what I mean
You will love this.

Go get um

Jane Mark

PS: Launch-week-Special-Go Platinum (Founder)

The Platinum Club level which is our
founder level is the only level that
can access our magical-new-mailer.

Mail to 10,000 of our own private list members
Mail every 2 days
Plus mail to all KuleTraffic Members

Platinum members also get to spin the wheel of
fortune and win traffic every-day.

Platinum members will be able to put their own
ids in our second Wheel of fortune so you
will be able to get sign up and-sales under
you very own affiliate links so...

We have a a very special offer.


While we are adding the final touches to the site
you can make-out like a bandit.

Use this special discount paylink to upgrade to Platinum
Save 200 bucks over the member area price.

I like my-traffic f-ree-don't you?
Are you still pay-ing-for traffic?
Those in the know know the right time to go
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