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Mar-09-2020, 01:40:34 pm
Your MoneyWheel just launched.
Your MoneyWheel just launched.

Now you have a way to play in the big leagues without
breaking the bank and without all the hassles of:

* programming your own site
* maintaining servers
* processing payments
* operating mailers
* answering support questions
* paying out commissions

Here is how you run your own site where you
get paid and we take on all the headaches.

Your MoneyWheel has arrived.

Here is what it does for you.

The wheel can be customized to become your special wheel.

The new wheel will allow you to:

* Put your own prizes onto it
* Sell prize slots to others
* Sell the whole custom wheel
* Make big com-mission on every-sale
* Place your own premium text ads under the wheel.
* The text ads are premium ads for life.
* No credits are necessary to display your text ads

* Your wheel and text ads will be promoted for you at KuleTraffic.
* Premium text ads will appear on the KuleProfits page
* Your customized Wheel itself will appear on a page called On The Money

* The wheel is customizable
* You can change the name
* You can change the wheel color
* You can change the logo

Here is an example of a wheel that I set up in about 3 minutes
with just a click for 3 buttons for one of my sites called Sokule

This is drop dead easy to do this.
You do it all from one simple page in the members area.

But even if you don't want to put in your own prizes
You can give away our prizes that are already on the
wheel and put your own affiliate ids in the prizes.

This is just like having your own website but without
any of the hassles.

If would like to own a MoneyWheel simply click here

Spin and win a prize of your own and then watch for
the one time offer for the custom wheel.

You can pay all at once or use our flexipay system.

Put yourself in-The-Money.
Own your own MoneyWheel today.

Go get um


Jane Mark
The MoneyWheel

Note: The Money Wheel is a feeder site for KuleTraffic
If you are not already a KuleTraffic member...

Spin and win a prize. Let's get started here

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