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Jan-05-2020, 05:12:32 pm
6000 gone in 24hrs
Take your Best shot Your 6000-member list goes in 24hrs

Hi KulePing Members

Here comes the Great Doubler.
Saddle up and Ride.

The doubler ends tomorrow.
Take your best shot.

Here's the Deal...

Grab one of the 4 membership levels at Sokule
and we will...

Double the lists members and
Double The list building credits

For Example:

Silver members will be doubled to 1000 list members. (Value $994.00)
Silver Plus members will be doubled to 2000 list members. (Value $1998.00)
Gold Members will be doubled to 3000 list members (Value $ 2982.00)
Founders will be doubled to 6000 list members (Value 5964.00)

* Your list will be targeted
* We build it for you
* You do nothing at all

You can have your list today if you like.

You can mail to your list.
Your email goes right to contact addresses.

And once we build your list for you,
we auto grow it for you.

We auto-grow your list by using sokens-a unique method
of attracting new list members like moths to a flame.

Your sokens will be doubled today.

For example:

Silver members will get 15 million sokens (Value $19,050.00)
Silver plus members will get 20 million sokens (Value $25,400.00)
Gold members will get 30 million sokens (Value $38,100.00)
Founder will get 50 million sokens (Value $63,500.00)

Here is just some of the other things you can do at Sokule

* Post on kulewall to 1.4 million people daily
* Earn up to 748.50 per sale

Sokule is the name that is trusted by online businesses
Why not take advantage of all it offers.

I make 75% of my sales using Sokule.
You can do this too.

Saddle up and ride

Use this very special double up link and choose the
membership level that is right for you.

Go get um

Jane Mark

PS: If you are not yet a member of Sokule,
please saddle up and ride at no cost here:

PPS: When you use the special double up link to pay
for your membership, it is a manual upgrade.

You will get a detailed letter from me when your
account has been upgraded and your double-ups added.

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