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Jan-07-2020, 02:30:32 pm
7 days and counting...are you in?
7 days and counting...are you in?

Hi KulePing Members

We are 7 days and counting.
Are you in?

I am knee deep in testing our new site.

We are inviting founders in at a huge savings
this week so you can kick the tires at the site
and work with us as we get ready for full launch
next Monday.

I think you are going to love this one.

It has what Phil and I called the Four Corners
of-success-Our new site delivers them all.

If you would like to know what those 4 corners are...

If you would like to join us early and see
what is in store at this very kule site then

Email me today at

put in the subject line.

I'm all ears?

and I will give you our big discount link
and you can get in now and give it a whirl.

Go get um

Jane Mark
In Prelaunch

PS: If you would rather wait for full launch
on Monday, January 13th and pay the total price
then please join or our pre-launch list here.

I call it my ready for Teddy list:)

Teddy's my new, cute as a button, Pomeranian
puppy who is 2 pounds of pure energy, and
giving us sleepless nights.

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[fname] would you like to Walk-Away-Richer?
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