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Nov-05-2020, 11:30:29 am
We know mailers-We have been developing them for the past 20 years.
We know mailers-We have been developing them for the past 20 years.

Hi KulePing Members

I'll make this short and sweet.

My partner Phil Basten and I have been developing solo ad
mailers for over 20 years on the net.

Here are the 3 best. Are you using them?

Mailer 1 at ProfitFromFreeAds

Email over 10,000 active members.
Great click through rates.
Mail every 2 days.
No credits to earn at the Tycoon level


Mailer 2 at 1Stop Profits

Email over 80,000
one of the larger mailers on the net
Mail every 2 days
Great results
No credits to earn
You must be a platinum level member to use this mailer


Mailer 3 at WalkAwayMailer

AutoMailer to over 94,000 members
Set it up and forget it
It goes out every 2 days until you change it
One of the best ways to test your subject lines
You must be a platinum member to use this mailer.

When it comes to mailers, we develop and use the best.

I love them
I think you will too

go get um

Jane Mark
Great Mailers

Live Demonstration Saturday, Nov 7th and noon est.

We will walk you through our newest mailer, WalkAwayMailer
We call it WAM for short.

join us live Saturday, Nov 7th at 12.00 noon est.

We will show you how to double dip for dollars with
any mailer you use.

Saturday, Nov 7th, at 12.00 noon est.

You-hit the Black Friday-jackpot-Would you like to pocket 497 bucks?
Would you like to get a handle on this internet thingy?
[fname] Isn't it time you changed up your game and Profit-from it?
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