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Sep-27-2020, 12:27:25 pm
This site returned my dough 104 times over-Not too shabby
This site returned my dough 104 times over-Not too shabby

Hi KulePing Members

I joined this site 23 months ago
I have 120,100 leads
That's a lot of leads!

I didn't lift a finger to get them
They just pop in like-magic every day.

I pay $30 per month

Here are the results:

* I have 120,100 people on my list
* I get 200 new leads every day.
* I mail all the leads daily.

* The Mailer has all the bells and whistles on it.
* The average click through rate is 7% which is
superb considering these are stone cold leads.

And here is the bottom line:

* I have made $5,506.00 in commissions from the site itself.

* I have made over $70,000 in sales of my own products to
these leads and that is amazing considering these are stone
cold leads who don't know me at all.

That's a return of my dough 104 times over.

I call that....

Not too shabby!

If you sign-up here, you can do exactly what I did.

I put this site to work for me every day
I don't life a finger collecting these leads
It is all done for me

The-payoffs are irresistible.

Follow my lead.

This gets my *ten star* recommendation.

go get um

Jane Mark

We're going double dipping for dollars-Watch live Nov 7th
When you ask-we listen-Double-your-dollars is back for 48-hours
If there is a fabulous mailer-You know I am on It
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