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Oct-02-2020, 03:22:31 pm
Would you like early entry into the new WAM Mailer?
Would you like early entry into the new WAM Mailer?

Hi KulePing Members

A new one of a kind AutoMailer will launch on Oct 8th

You can get in early

Sign up under my link today and I will put 1 million
no-cost ad-credits into your account. (Value $5000.00)

The mailer is called WalkAwayMailer
The name gives it away
We call it WAM for short and it packs a wallop!

You can automail to over 94,000 active members
Just set it and forget it
No Credits to earn.

It will save you time and...
It will increase your open rates in a very unique way
never before seen on the net.

You can ear-n up to 243.50 per sale plus
earn huge sums of dough from the ca-sh funnel.

I have been testing it for over 3 weeks.
It is a gem.

My partner Phil and I have wanted to develop this kind
of mailer for the past 20 years and now it has arrived.

And yes there is a catch.

You can join f-ree and collect your 1 million ad-credits
but if you want to use this very unique mailer, you must
become a founder and join at the Platinum Club level

For the next 6 days until launch you can use this
special discount link to upgrade your account to Platinum
(our founder level)

Read all about WalkAwayMailer here and then use this link to upgrade.

This link appears nowhere on the site
It is a special pre launch offer.

Phil and I are over the moon about this new mailer.
We think you will be too.

Go get um

Jane Mark

Note: When you use the special discount link, it is a
manual upgrade. You will get a detailed welcome letter
from me when your account has been upgraded.

We're going double dipping for dollars-Watch live Nov 7th
When you ask-we listen-Double-your-dollars is back for 48-hours
If there is a fabulous mailer-You know I am on It
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