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Oct-03-2020, 04:51:08 pm
How about putting your dough on a-winner? AutoMail to over 94,000.
How about putting your dough on a-winner? AutoMail to over 94,000.

Hi KulePing Members

This just in
We are in pre-launch

We launch in just 5 days
Get in and get set up and promote early

One of a kind Automailer that goes to over 94,000 active members

You just set it and forget it and out it goes
It is different then any other auto mailer on the net.

It is called WalkAwayMailer or WAM for short.

Here are the unnique features

* Automail to over 94,000 members every 2 days
* No Credits to ea-rn

* Set up your ad with 3 different subject lines
* Hit Send and out it goes every 2 days for 6 days
* Each time it mails it sends a new subject line.

* You get full stats on each mailing so you know
which subject line is working for you.
* This information is golden for getting new sign ups and sales.

* You can choose to use the manual mailer to 94K if you like
* You can switch back and forth between automail and manual mail

* Ea-rn up to 243.95 per sale on WAM memberships
* Ea-rn from dozes of top notch tested sites

* Give away up to 1 million f-ree ad credits to each sign up
* Use your ad-credits to send traffic to text and banner ads.

Sign up under my link today and I will out 1 million
no-cost-ad-credits into your account (Valeu $5000.00)

IMPORTANT: Only platinum members can access the AutoMailer

Make your move and let's get started.

Go get um

Jane Mark

Special offer....Watch for the one time offer for Platinum
as you sign up.

You will pay 200.00 more in the members area.
so grab it on the way in.

We're going double dipping for dollars-Watch live Nov 7th
When you ask-we listen-Double-your-dollars is back for 48-hours
If there is a fabulous mailer-You know I am on It
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