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Dec-05-2018, 12:13:00 pm
True Story I Have 239 of These-Each One is a MoneyMaker
True Story I Have 239 of These-Each One is a MoneyMaker

Hi KulePing Members

Every day I have a routine.
I write up something to send out to my lists and...

Before it is send out, I Itys It.

What is an Itsy?

I will get to that in a minute.

For now what you need to know is this.

Each day I logged into my Itsy account
and create a new link in less then 3 seconds

Each link is a MoneyMaker.

And as we speak I have 239 of them.

You can do this too
Anyone can do this.
No Experience Needed

Go here and Make Your Own MoneyMaking Machine
in under 3 seconds

Here is the Rest of The Story

You are losing Sales but...
You can stop that right now today.

Your links that you are sending out in
your emails are Failing.

Yes! Really they are.

You are Losing Sign Ups
You are Losing Sales

I know because I open emails all day long and
in about 40 percent of them this is the what
I see when I click on the link in the email.

"Risky-This Site May Be Risky. Do You want to proceed."

This message is in BIG BOLD RED letters

You Do NOT want This kind of of Red Letter Day.

When people see this kind of message, they
head for the hills.

You Lose Sign Ups
You Lose Sales.

You may not even know this is happening
but I assure it is.

There is a simple remedy to this problem.

My Partner, Phil Basten, developed what I call
the 3 second solution to the Risky Red Letter Day.

Anyone can do this
No Experience Needed.

Find Out The Red Letter Day Solution Here:

If you want to make more money and avoid the risks,
you need to Itsy Your links.

This is a very unusual site.
It take all the risks out of your websites.

It is a risk free zone for any site that you promote.

It is easy as pie to create an Itsy Link.
It take exactly 3 seconds or less.
No Experience Needed.

There is also a really nifty Very Responsive
Solo Ad Mailer that you have access to as an
upgraded member.

Your emails go right to the contact addresses of members.

You get Unending Traffic for Life.
Send that traffic to as many sites as you like for Life.

Stop Risking Your Sign Ups
Stop Risking Your Sales
Start Making More Dough here.

We want you to have a Real Red Letter day
One that you can profit from Every Day.

Join us Right Here.

Oh and did you notice I have 2 different itsy
links in this one promotion.

That is because I created one this morning
and now I have 240 MoneyMaking links.

Follow My Lead.
Itsy Your Links

go get um

Jane Mark
Itsy Linx
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: Watch for the Founder Offer as You Sign up
You will pay more for it in the members area.

Founder Level lets you customize your links like I do.
You can create unlimited links like I do.

It Gives You access to a Fabulous Itsy Solo Ad Mailer
Reach 5000 Every 2 days plus all Itsy Members

It Gives you stats on how each of your Itys linx are doing.

Earn 40% on every sale.

Shssh don't tell anyone but...

This is one of Phil Basten's best moneymaker.

If you are not Itsying your links, you are losing sales.
That's the bottom line.

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Your order will be doubled today. 48 hours only
You are holding all the cards-We stacked them in your favor
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