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Jun-10-2019, 12:38:12 pm
New Giant Mailer with 510,000 members-25% off lifetime account
New Giant Mailer with 510,000 members-25% off lifetime account

Hi KulePing Members

Over the years our site called Steal My Traffic
has blossomed and grown to over 10,000 members.

Now you can add these members to our
solo ad mailer at SMT.

You just click a button at the bottom of the
mailer and all these new members will be mailed to.

Promoting Online is a Numbers Game.

The more people you can reach, the more
sales you will make.

The SMT mailer mails to over 510,000
when you purchase the lifetime account.

Mail to Over 510,000 members (7500 at a time)
Mail Every 2 Days

No Credits to ea-rn
It's affordable

Save 25% on the Life time Membership when
you purchase today.

Reach a whole new audience now.

Promoting online is a numbers game
The numbers are waiting for you here.

go get um

Jane Mark
SMT Mailer
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: The Mailer is located in the members area of
Steal My Traffic. If you are not yet a member,
join fr-ee here:

Here's the tick-tock for our new-launch-Would you like to Join-us?
It's 8.00 am are you still leaving your house to go to work?
Times are tough-Could you use more-dough?
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