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Sep-10-2019, 11:25:42 am
KulePing Members Not enough dough in your pocket? Let's change that
KulePing Members Not enough dough in your pocket? Let's change that

Hi KulePing Members

This just in.

The way to make dough online is to have
your own website.

But for many websites are out of reach.

They can cost thousands and thousands of
dollars to develop.

Not any longer.

WalkAwayRicher just launched and you can
have your own website for a price that will
really surprise you.

When I first started online 19 years ago,
my mentor gave me some advice was pure gold.

"If you want to succeed online, you must
have a website that you control."

Now we will set one up for you.

You have 2 choices.

1) Choice 1

A click bank website that will contain
popular clickbank products that will have
your CB id in each product and article

You do nothing at all.
We set it up for you.
We hand it over to you.
That's it go make dough with it.

2) Your Own Stuff

This is a website that showcases your
own products or the affiliate products
that you already promote.

This is customized for you
You provide us the sites
We set it all up for you.

In both cases you will get a log in
to your admin panel and you will
control the sites.

I have a saying.

He controls the admin panel pockets the dough.

I am so excited about this new site
Many of you said you wanted it and now it is here

Our door is always open walk through it.

First come...First Serve

Go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: These are introductory prices.
so get your orders in soon.

PPS: Be sure to read the FAQ on the site
It will answer 99% of your questions.

Need more info
Email Phil at

or email me at

Put in the subject line
More info on WalkAwayRicher.

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