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Feb-14-2020, 11:43:38 am
The Wheel and the Deal-Make Valentines day last forever
The Wheel and the Deal-Make Valentines day last forever

Hi KulePing Members

Today you can pick up our new Wheel-of-Fortune

I hope you had a chance to watch our new site
KuleTraffic in action.

I am over the moon about this new site.

I walked through every part of the site on
Saturday so you can see all the site has to offer.

If you missed it you can catch the replay here:

Today, I want to talk to you specifically about
what the Platinum members (our founders) get
at KuleTrafic.

It has everything you need to make your
business get-noticed online and noticed fast.

Here is what our Platinum members are using right now.

* Get 2 prize-Wheels for the price of one. (Value $894.00)

* The new Wheel-of-Fortune is included free
with your Platinum Club purchase (Value 297.00)

* Email over 11,000 users every 2 days
No credits to ea-rn. (value $2,950.00)

* Email your downline every day. (value $997.00)

* Spin the Kule Traffic wheel daily each time you log in.
* Win f-ree traffic everyday.

* Spin wheel 2 daily and win even more valuable prizes.

* Add your affiliate links to the prizes. (Value $997.00)

* Get 500,000 free ad-credits on sign-up (Value $2500.00)
* Get 500,000 free ad credits monthly (Value $2500.00)

* Add 10 premium text ads that rotate on the Kule Profits page.
(value $900.00)

* Your text ads also rotate on the main game page.

* Add 10 premium banner ads 125x125. (value $900.00)

* All ads receive 10x more ad-view traffic.

* All ads come with color backgrounds.

* Earn 40% commission on all sales.

* Plus 10 million sokens at Sokule (Value $12,700)

* Get 500,000 ad credits at Profit from free ads
(Value $2500.00)

* Get 500,000 ad credits at Front Page Mail
(Value $ 2500.00)

All up your Platinum Package has a value of ($28,744.00)

Sign up as a platinum member at KuleTraffic today
and I will put 500,000 ad credits into your
account. (Value $2500.00)

Use our webinar bonus discount link that
is available for Valentines day.

You can pay once or use our flexipay system.

Go get um

Jane Mark

Special Offer

I will leave the discount through the weekend
Save 200.00 bucks and get the new Wheel-of-Fortune
f-ree ( Value $297.00)

If you are not yet a member of of KuleTraffic
join-us right here

If this is what day 66 looks like, imagine what day 67 will bring
This site returned my dough 104 times over-Not too shabby
What would happen if you had your own MoneyWheel?
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