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Apr-07-2021, 01:10:20 pm
This returned my dough 156 times over-Not too Shabby!
This returned my dough 156 times over-Not too Shabby!

Hi KulePing Members

This will be short and sweet.

Those of you who know me, know I hardly ever
recommend other people's sites but...

I have been using this site for 786 days
I pay 30 bucks a month to use it.
Every day I get 200 additional leads and

I didn't lift a finger to get these leads.

I currently have a list of leads of 157,300 People.
I can mail them daily.

The mailer has all the bells and whistles

I get am average click through rate of 6%
which is really astonishing for stone cold leads

The site has paid me $6,255.00 in commissions.

More importantly, I have made sales of my own
products to this list of over $115,000

Bottom line:

I have used the site for a little over 2 years
The leads roll in like clock work daily.

I have made a total of $ 121,255
My investment has been $780.00

That's a return of my money over 156 times
Not too Shabby!

And I didn't lift a finger.

Give this a try
I think you will like it.

This site gets my ten *star* recommendation

Go get um

Jane Mark

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