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May-03-2021, 12:42:40 pm
The Internet can be like the Wild West-Join-us live to tame it
The Internet can be like the Wild West-Join-us live to tame it

Hi KulePing Members

The internet can be like the Wild West:

It is crowded, crazy, undisciplined and sometimes filled with a
lot of noise and nonsense.

It can have pitfalls and muddy roads and you may encounter some
hard knocks along the way.


You Can learn how to navigate it...
Have some fun and most importantly...

Find out how to put some dough in your pocket.

Meet My partner, Phil Basten and I at the O.K. corral.

Saturday, May 15th at 12.00 noon est.

Hop aboard here:

We are going to take some of the mystery and the sting
out of the internet and give you some tips on how to
ride off into the sunset with a happy ending.

We believe in Happy Endings
Yes we do!

Saturday, May 15th, at Noon est and...

We will show you how to:

* Compete with billions of internet users...
* Ethically make your way to the top and...
* Stand out like a lighthouse on a dark, stormy night.
* How to pocket the dough

We promise you a whale of a good time.

Come a bit early and say hello

There will be a bonus for all those who join us live on the webinar.

go get um

Jane Mark
Phil Basten

And did I mention we will be unveiling a new JAMMarketingInc
service right on the webinar. You don't want to miss this one.

This Mailer meets my Wow Test-and it is on sale-today
You cannot be a player if you are not in the game
What was your score yesterday ? Watch the replay
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