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Feb-21-2021, 04:55:55 pm
7 Days and counting a new reveal-Feb 27th at noon EST-Meet us live
7 Days and counting a new reveal-Feb 27th at noon EST-Meet us live

Hi KulePing Members

My parnter, Phil Basten and I are doing a live webinar and
you are invited

Saturday, Feb 27th at 12.00 Noon Est.

If you are tired of the rat race...

If you are tired of treading water and wondering why
others are making dough online but you're not?

If you want to make-money online, you need to know
the simple things you can do to get there.

I call it doing the loop de loop

I know that may sound goofy to you now but I assure
you I can make that come to life for you right in
front of your eyes.

You are invited to meet my partner, Phil Basten and me live

Saturday, Feb 27th at 12.00 noon est.

Let's get you off the tread mill and into the fast lane.

Come a few minutes early and say hello

There will be a bonus for all those who
join us live on the webinar.

And drum roll please...We will reveal a brand new service
that we think you will love.

Go get um

Jane Mark
How to get out of the rat race

Special offer....let's get you started with 1 million
no-cost ad-credits. (Value $5000.00)

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