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Oct-10-2021, 02:01:09 pm
Do not sit on your hands -Our team in on the LeadersBoard-
Do not sit on your hands -Our team in on the LeadersBoard-

Hi KulePing Members

There's an old saying...

Hand sitting never got anyone anywhere.
Nah I made that up but...

I want you on my team on this new-launch.

We're on the leaders board and the sooner
you get in under me, the sooner I can put
good promoters under you.

Do not sit on your hands on this one.

Here's the story.

I almost never promote other people's sites but
this one is different.

First let me say this...

The reason you are seeing this email now is because
I host my servers at Joel Therien's data center and
have known Joel for umpteen million years-
Well at least 17 years but who's counting?

Joel is one of the good guys on the net.

I am working to get the word to you about Joel's new site
so you can get in at the top.

We are on the leaders board so do not sit on your
hands on this one. I can only put people under you
if you get in while the getting is good.

Here's the deal...

It's a video streaming site and, even if you have
never made a video in your life, and, even if don't
want to ever make a video in your life, you want to
be be part of this new-launch.

There is a simple reason for that.

You get paid 60% commission on your sales
35% on your direct sales
25% when your downline makes a sale.

You are going to want to get in right now under me
because I intend to promote the heck out it and
so far that is paying off since we are on the
leaders board.

Don't even ask any questions.
Joel answers them all on the link below.

Sign up here:

You get a trial for a buck so let's get going.
No Excuses.

If you want to get well placed, yes you need to
pay the buck.

I intend to build a large team on this one so
let's get you on it now.

Hand sitting never got anyone anywhere.

Go get um

Jane Mark

Note: This site will be in our CashFunnel in all our
major sites so you will be able to put your id in

So far it has been added to:

and frontpagemail

so get your ids in the CashFunnels sites now.

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