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Oct-13-2021, 02:09:56 pm
When results-matter Email over 96,000 every 2-days for-life
When results-matter Email over 96,000 every 2-days for-life

Hi KulePing Members

There's a new mailer in town

It's called WalkAwayMailer
We call it WAM for short

Here are the highlights:


* It is an Automailer to over 96,000
* It also has a manual mailer to over 96,000
* You choose the mailer or use them both.
* No Credits to e-arn.

*Mail every 2 days or...

*Set up the AutoMailer and let us mail for you.

We make email easy and fun.


* You can add a banner to any email you send
 out if you are a platinum member of WAM

* These banners speak volumes in your emails
 and can add to the sign up and sales you make.

* These banners are optional-you can add them or not
* Your choice of course.


*Set up your text and banners and we send traffic to them daily.

Platinum founder members get...

*10 text ads and 10 banners ads
*You can edit them anytime you like.


*As a platinum member of WAM, you can give away
 1 million no-cost -ad-credits to each of your sign ups.

The value of these is $5000.00. Who can argue with that?

Watch your downline list growing faster than a cat can
grow whiskers when you offer people 1 million no-cost ad-credits.

You can email that downline daily.


* Earn up to 243.95 per sale
* Earn from our exclusive ca-sh funnel featuring dozens of
  top notch tested sites many of them you probably belong to.


You pop your main ad copy in the mailer.
Add 3 different subject lines.

Out is goes every 2 days with a different subject line.
You just set it and forget it and WalkAway

We do all the rest.
Come back in 6 days and

Rinse and repeat with a new add or the same adds

This is the only kind of auto mailer I will use because...

I can test 3 different subject lines at the same time,
get stats on them and not lose open rates because the
subject lines are different.

We like to make life easy
This is easy
No experience needed.

Sign up under my link today and I will put 1 million
no-cost ad credits into your account. (Value $5000.00)

I love this mailer
I think you will too

I'll see you on the inside.

Go get um

Jane Mark

Special offer...Watch for the one time offer for platinum
as you sign up.

Platinum is our founding membership

You will pay 200.00 more for it in the members area.

Pay one time or use our flexipay system

Note only Platinum members have access to the
95,000 member AutoMailer. Don't miss this deal

If you are already a member of WAM, use this special discount
link and save 200 bucks

This will be available for the next 48 hours only and
if you missed it on the way in, here is your second
chance to grab it.

This is a manual upgrade. You will get a detailed welcome
letter from me when your account has been upgraded.

[fname] Would you like to WalkAwayRicher?
[fname] Are you ready for a-deal that is signed sealed and delivered?
MMM where putting more dough in your pocket is our only-goal
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