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Oct-17-2021, 02:28:21 pm
We opened up 5 More Done4U Packages-One has your name on it
We opened up 5 More Done4U Packages-One has your name on it

Hi KulePing Members

You have been asking us to do this and we said yes.

We open up 5 more Done4U packages
They will get scooped up fast.

Here's the deal.

It is a short version of our Done For You Services
at a very affordable price.

All you do is give us your url and we take it from there.

* We deposit 500-buying-tokens into your FPM account.
That's just like giving you 500-bucks

* We will choose 10 keywords that have been searched at least
20,000 times in the past 30 days.

* We will target these 10 keywords for your website up to
a value of $500. Most of the keywords we buy for your
account will cost 1 buck and you will get to keep the
balance to buy more keywords plus you own the keywords

* We will write the description for your website and
add it to your FrontPage Mail account.

* You will own these keywords at FrontPage Mail and no
one can buy, steal, or take them away from you.

* We will attach these keywords to your website so your site
will appear at the top of the FrontPage Mail search results
page when people search on these keywords.

You will be able to use these keywords in your
mailings at 20 of our popular advertising sites.

20 tested and trusted advertising sites.

Front page Mailer
Kulebuzz mailer
PFFA Mailer
Itzy Linx Mailer
ECC Mailer
Oodles of traffic Mailer
Headline Mail (MoreVisitorsnow)
Grabber Mail (Whynotjoinme)
KuleTraffic Mailer
Kuleblaster Mailer
Sokule Mailer,
Sokule Blog
Sokwall at Sokule
VAD Mailer
You can Reach Everyone Mailer
1StopProfits mailer

If you would like to control the internet superhighway...

Let's get started here:

go get um

Jane Mark


If you are not yet a member of Front Page Mail ,
sign up under my link today and I will put
100,000 free ad credits into your account.
(Value $500.00)

Would you like to-collect your ticket to-wealth and double-it?
Double-your-dollars and pocket 197.00-f-ree
Wouldn't you love a simple system that creates-wealth-online?
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