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May-13-2022, 04:59:31 pm
97,226 have all said yes and we believe in second-chances
97,226 have all said yes and we believe in second-chances

Hi KulePing Members

Thank you for being a member of WalkAwayMailer

We now have 97,226 members who have all said yes
and are ready to receive your emails direct to
their contact addresses.

You can use the auto mailer or use the manual mailer and...

* Mail every 2 days to over 97,000 members
* No Credits to ear-n

Only Platinum (founder) members have access to
the 97,000 member mailer.

If you missed our special offer when you signed
up, here is a second bite at the apple.

Special offer...Save 200 bucks.

This will be available for the next 48 hours only and
if you missed it on the way in, here is your second
chance to grab it.

This is a manual upgrade. You will get a detailed welcome
letter from me when your account has been upgraded.

Go get um

Jane Mark

Special offer...Collect 1 million no-cost ad-credits.

When you signed up to WalkAwayMailer, you will collect
1 million no-cost ad-credits. That gets you a whole
lot of traffic to your banner and text ads and it's fre-e

Sign up here:

spillover is happening now-Time for you to-get in line.
When you have the hot-hand-always play it Results-Guaranteed
We built a-list of 27,892 and now-we are-giving-it to you
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