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Jun-21-2022, 05:36:24 pm
summer day-special-mail to-over 9600 every 2 days
summer day-special-mail to-over 9600 every 2 days

Hi KulePing Members

I have been testing this Mailer
I love what I see.

It has over 9600 members.
High click through rates.
Mail-every 2-days

But The site is much more than a mailer.

Find out what an Itsy is right here.
Start using all of its features now.

Plus grab the itsy mailer and start
using the Mailer Today.

Go get un

Jane Mark

Special offer... Founder Offer Save 100 bucks

Founders get unlimited Itsy Linx
Founders mail to over 9600 every 2 days.
The mailer grow daily

Only Founders Can Mail to the entire database.

Founders Mail to their downline daily

Founders get unlimited Itsy ads, banner ads and
email ads rotating on our Ad Profit page at a 100 to 1
rotation. This is a LIFETIME of FR-ee Advertising

Earn 40% on Every Sale.

Founders pay once or can pay over 2 months
in our flexipay option.

Grab The Discount Founder Price Now at the bottom
of the sales page.

It is 100.00 more in the members area.

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