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Sep-21-2022, 03:14:57 pm
KulePing Members Would you like to know where your success-story begins?
Would you like to know where your success-story begins?

Hi KulePing Members

Would you like to see where your success-story starts?
Would you like to see what your future looks like?

Help is on the Way! Join-us-live

Saturday, September 24th, at 12.00 noon EDT

Join Jane Mark and Phil Basten for a live walk-thru of
their new site called MyMoneyMailer.

We call it MMM for short.

We will show you the ins and the outs of how the site works,
the do's and the don'ts of marketing and how to make a
success of your MyMoneyMailer membership.

We promise you a lively, fun and informative demo of the site and ....

Don't be surprised if there are some useful tips on how to make
your marketing sizzle. (Many you may never have heard of)

There will be a very big and lucrative bonus for
all who join us live on...

Saturday, September 24th at noon EDT


I love this new site and I can't wait to show it to you.

If you would like to see what your future-success looks like...
hop on board.

Don't be late. We have a date.

Let's go get um.

Jane and Phil

Jane Mark
Phil Basten

Special offer...Pick up 1 million no-cost ad-credits.

Make sure you are a member of MyMoneyMailer so
you know what we are talking about.

Pick up your 1-million no-cost ad-credits below

spillover is happening now-Time for you to-get in line.
When you have the hot-hand-always play it Results-Guaranteed
We built a-list of 27,892 and now-we are-giving-it to you
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