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Nov-20-2022, 02:29:40 pm
Heads up...Our founder plus1 (at no-cost) ends-today.
Heads up...Our founder plus1 (at no-cost) ends-today.

Hi KulePing Members

Heads up...Our founder plus1 (at no-cost) ends-today.

Our Founder plus 1 offer is a doozy! but...
Act today. The offer ends at midnight est tonight.

We call this the Double Whamee, buy one, get one free founder account,
super sale, and you can save over 95% when you order today!

I am going to keep this email short.
The website tells the story and shows you what you get.

Here's how this crazy offer works.

Buy a Sokule founder account and...
we will double the list of members you get to 6,000,
and we will double the list-building credits (Sokens)
you get to 50 million.

We will also give you a free founder account at
one of three popular websites. You choose which one.

People jumped all over this in the last 2 days
( Only 7 no-cost founders left.)

Say Yes and pay-less when you use this link.

Phil Basten

Note: Your purchase must be dated today Nov 18th 2022
through Nov 20th 2022.

Reserve your account while this double-up-offer lasts.

When you hold all the aces play-your hand results-guaranteed
hot chocolate and marshmallows can build you a-list of 14,739 huh?
You gotta know when to hold them and this one's a keeper.
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