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May-19-2023, 06:07:09 pm
KulePing Members Did I mention you can pocket 200%-commissions?
Did I mention you can pocket 200%-commissions?

Hi KulePing Members

You may have seen my recent promotions about
a new site that I fell in love with.

What I may not have mentioned is...

That this new site pays you 200% comm-issions
for the first month and, even after, the comm-ssio
structure is about as generous as any I have seen online.

I found that out when I started promoting and,
in just 11 days, raked in a whopping $1900.00

We kicked our team up to number 5 on
the leader's board and...

I would like to you to join my team
I call it the GoGetUm team.
and it is flying.

You will be getting pa-id for something we all
do every day all day long and that is back up
our memories and our dreams on our computer.

You can check it out here:

Here is the rest of the story.

Most of you know that I house all my sites
with Joel Therien on his servers.

I have known Joel for almost 20 years.
He is an all around great guy.

He always develops great products
He pays his commissions exactly when due.
You want to be part of this.

And here is the really cool part...

KulePing Members this site has a conversion rate of
23% free to paid sign ups.

In my 21 years online that conversion rate
is almost unheard of.

I am of course an upgraded member, as is my partner Phil.
and here is the part that I love best


1) you can upgrade for as low as 9.97 per month
and just use the product and that is great or
you can pay 99.00 per year and get more storage
and save some dough.

2) If you want to promote it and get paid as
an affiliate that will cost you 40.00 bucks
one time and that's it plus the 9.97 per month.

3) If you want your affiliate link promoted for
you that can be done and you sit back and collect
the dough. That cost is $199.00 one time but here
is the rub. That Done for you service is going
to over $500.00 after launch.

You need to grab the $199.00 as you sign up
or it disappears.

I grabbed payments 1 and 2 and then

I grabbed that 199.00 done for you service.
I suggest you do too if you can swing it.

Having Joel promote for you is like having
a virtuoso violinist on your side.

I am promoting this site like crazy.

I am a pretty good promoter so you will
be in good hands.

I love the product which is a back up of your files
and the precious memories you store on your own

but... even more, I love the fact that many of you
may not have the time to promote and ea-rn and
if you can pay the $199.00 and let Joel's team
promote and close for you, you will be sitting pretty.

This site is really popular.

Here is my link.

Don't sit on this
Time is of the essence

Every Wednesday my paying downline get placed
in my Matrix so make sure you are in and upgraded
before next Wednesday.

Take advantage of the work I am doing on this site.
and let's get you collecting those all important
200% Comm-ssions.

Let's do this together.

Go get um

Jane Mark

Special Offer....GotBackUp 2-Million Special

When you upgrade today under my link today at GotBackUp
at the 99.00 special for a year or for the to the Done For You Service at $199.00 one time...

You can collect 2-million no-cost ad-credits at
one of our most popular sites called ProfitfromFreeads

If you are not yet a member of PFFA, join-us here

then shoot me an email with your username at GotBackUp
and Your username at PFFA and

I will add the 2-million ad-view-credits

Send to

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