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May-22-2023, 04:48:51 pm
KulePing Members Are you ready? Launch day is Tuesday May 23rd-It's go-time
Are you ready? Launch day is Tuesday May 23rd-It's go-time

Hi KulePing Members

If you are not yet a member of We Got Friends
Time is running out to join-f-ree.

Hop on our very strong team of 949 members
Get ready for lift off.

We call our team Friends-In-High-Places
If you are not on it join-us right-here

Launch is tomorrow, Tuesday. May 23.

Get ready to rock and roll.

Here is what you need to know

Upgrades are...

69.95 plus 20.00 to become and affiliate

The 69.95 is a monthly payment

The 20.00 is a one time payment.

So on Tuesday, May 23rd, make sure you have 89.95 available.

Upgrading quickly is essential to your success if you want to
ea-rn top dollar at the site and, if you don't want to lose
the upgrades under you.

Here is what will happen when you upgrade.

The Products

1) You will get 100 leads per month for your payments.
2) You will have access to sell special discount travel packages
and those will be very popular especially at this time of year.


The ea-rning potential is enormous at this site
you can earn 5 different ways.

There is a video on how this works in the members
area of WeGotFriends.

I am always honest with my clients, I have no idea
how this is going to work in terms of...

1) If the leads will be good-I am going to test them
for several months to make sure they are verified leads.

I asked several questions on the facebook group
yesterday and got good answers.

You will be able to pay by CreditCard or Crypto
There will be a short grace period giving you
time to upgrade so you don't lose your paid
downline. (probably 10 days to 2 weeks)

I think this is really worth testing this out
for at least 1 month and maybe several to
see how it all pans out.

Bottom line:

I am not much of a gambler but I think this is worth a month try at least
to get the lay of the land and I want to urge to take a chance.

As they say:" Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained"

Let's go on this venture together with our great team.

If you are not a member, signup f-ree-now

Go get um


Jane Mark

When you roll the-dice make sure your (chances to-win) are-100%
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