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Jun-06-2023, 01:16:01 pm
hot chocolate and marshmallows can build you a-list of 14,739 huh?
hot chocolate and marshmallows can build you a-list of 14,739 huh?

Hi KulePing Members

When my partner, Phil Basten, sat me down the other
day and made me a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows...

I knew something was in the works.

He began to tell me a remarkable story...

He described a site where he got a list of 5000 members
absolutely f-ree and got to email them daily.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Let me tell you the end of this story and then you
can read all about it on our new site. It's brilliant.

Here-is the rest of the story.

After 17 days...

Phil's list grew from 5000 to 8550 members.
His commissions have grown to and are 559.90

Now both the list members and the dough belong to him

We imported Phil's list members into
our autoresponder, and it is ours forever.

We get to mail to it daily.

We could have mailed daily to those 8550 right from
the site we got them from so...
You don't need an autoresponder to work this site

And to top off the hot chocolate and marshmallows...

I am a pretty good list builder.

I have been building lists for almost 22 years online
but...even I can't build a list of over 8550 in 16 days.

I just joined under Phil to test this out for myself
I am fr-ee.

In 4 days I had a list of 5,773
and commissions of 40.70
I had not taken one red cent out of my pocket yet.

But yesterday upgraded and paid 97.00 one time and
got another 5000 members added to my list

So...between Phil and me, we now have it list of 14,739 members
This list is completely new.

Once we upgraded we could import our list members into
our autorepsonder and mail to them daily which of course
we did or...

We can mail to them right from the site daily

or we can both from the members area and our autoresponder

Not too shabby!

If you told me 2 weeks ago that I would have
a new list of 14,739 members that I could
mail to daily (2 times a day if we want to)

If you told me that we would have commissions
of $600.60 in 16 days

If I told you that our total cost to get
this new large list would be $194.00

I would have told you you were nuts.

That is exactly what I said to Phil when he showed me
the SmartWebProfits site.

"Phil you're nuts" I said shaking my head in disbelief.

Boy was I wrong.

Read the rest of the story-here:

Make your life easy.
Start with a 5000 member list at no-cost
and watch it take off.

When you are satisfied that this is the best thing
since sliced bread and...

when you have a put a bit of dough in your account,
upgrade and watch your list size and earnings take off.

I give it 2 days or so before I hear from you that you love it.

I know I do.

Go get um

Jane Mark

Need More information?

Contact us at the help desk at the bottom of our
new site that we call SmartWebProfits.

The name really says it all.
This is one of the smartest steps you can take
grow your business and grow it fast.

Before the hot dogs and the burgers-Pocket 300 bucks (huge-mailer-on-sale)
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