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Sep-15-2023, 05:04:26 pm
Sometimes a shiny object really shines. This is one of them
Sometimes a shiny object really shines. This is one of them

Hi KulePing Members

I know a-winner when I see one.
It has to have these qualities

* It has to have an affordable entry point (10 bucks)
* A great product (AI)
* Good comm-ssion structure (50% commissions all levels)
* Affordable one-time upgrades 10, 50 and 100 (all one time)
* Matching bonuses.
* A track record on the net

The new site has it all.

I joined at the 10 buck (one time level) and then
immediately upgraded to the VIP level for a one time
payment of 100 bucks.

These are the kind of entry fees I lock onto.

Go and do likewise.

Watch the video

This shiny object is a winner

I got your back on this one
Pay attention to winners.

Go get um

Jane Mark

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