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Apr-03-2019, 01:35:35 pm
Have you met the new ECC Mailer-It reaches 265,000 with 1 Click
Have you met the new ECC Mailer-It reaches 265,000 with 1 Click

Hi KulePing Members

This just in

Email Content Checker just Launched

We call it ECC for short.

It it easy to use:
It will tell you your score in a nano second.
You need the score to make sales

The is nothing like it online.

It has a new contact solo ad mailer
and a downline mailer.

The new ECC Mailer Reaches
265,000 with just 1 click.

You can mail daily depending on your membership level.

Watch how this amazing new site works
Take a couple of minutes and watch the video

I love this new site
I think you will too.

Email Content Checker

Let's get Started.

Go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: We are keeping our founder discount open for
the next few days while we add new benefits to this
new site.

If you would like to use this discount paylink
for your upgrade, use it here and we will upgrade
you manually and send you a detailed welcome letter

Here is the discount link launch link

[fname] I have been checking up on you-
60 days-12,300 mail daily leads-Astonishing ROI of 99.96%
Weekend markdown-catch it early
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