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Ping Your Way to Profits...

...instantly with KulePing's fully automated set it and forget it marketing system...

What is a Ping?

A ping tells the search engines or blogs that you just submitted some important information. It tells these sites...

* Where your website is.
* That new content is available.
* That you want them to crawl your site and index it.
* That it is something that will interest their users.

This means your website, review site, blog or directory gets indexed faster, it can move up in the rankings faster, and you get more highly targeted traffic, and potentially more sales.

Why is this important?

If you promote a website, review site, blog, or directory of any kind, then you want to get as much quality traffic to your website as you possibly can so you can increase your signups and sales.

What is KulePing?

KulePing is a submission site that reaches over 100 weblog sites or ping sites. It was specially designed to maximize your website exposure. We ping all of the sites the others do and then some.

KulePing lets you...

* Target your audience.
* Choose the category that suits your website.
* Change and edit your information.
* Set it and forget it.

Plus KulePing automatically pings your website every 3 days.

How do I make money with KulePing?

There are a number of ways you can use KulePing to make money.

1. Signup as an affiliate and earn commissions when someone you personally sponsor upgrades.

2. Give it away free. Build your team by giving away free promotion help. Tell your team members that when they signup or upgrade under you in the program you are promoting you will enter their URL in your software and promote their link for them automatically.

At the prices we charge you can afford to do this for hundreds or even thousands of members in your team and you can manage them all from one account and one login.

How does KulePing Work?

It takes just a few seconds to setup a campaign with our user friendly, five easy steps system...

Step 1: Enter your title or keyword.
Step 2: Enter your website URL.
Step 3: Select your website niche or category.
Step 4: Select your website type.
Step 5: Click "Ping Away."

How do I get started?

Just enter your website or blog URL in the box on the right, register, and ping away. Your first URL ping is FREE!

Simply setup your account and forget it until you want to add some new URLs or change some URLs. You can upgrade your account in your members area if you want to promote more sites for yourself or your team.

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