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Aug-07-2019, 02:13:29 pm
I promote for you but...the train is leaving the station
I promote for you but...the train is leaving the station

Hi KulePing Members

Phil Basten here.

Do you want me to promote for you?

I am ready to do a significant promotion
using my Viral-Ads-Depot custom
promotion links and I will be
promoting text ads for a small
number of upgraded downline members
at Viral-Ads Depot.

Take a look at

and you will see how the text ads look.

Your ads will rotate where the text
ads are showing.

The best part: I will be rotating your
sites for an entire year. You could
receive a lot of signups and revenue
for your websites.

Here's how you qualify.

1. You must upgrade under me at:

in the next two days.

Upgrade at any level.

2. You must add at least one text-ad
in your account so I can select it.

3. You must stay an upgraded user
and active if you want your ads to
continue to rotate.

If you want a CEO level account, and
this level is by far the BEST VALUE, use
this coupon code LAUNCH100 at checkout
and grab 100 dollars off.

Act now and hitch a ride on the
promotion train. I know you'll
have a great time.

Phil Basten
Viral-Ads Depot

PS: The train departs the station in two days.
If you want to get on board, you'll need to
wait until we reach the next station.

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