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KulePing Daily Updates...

Mar-22-2020, 04:39:34 pm
Yikes! It's Jane-I double goofed yesterday but no worries...
Yikes! It's Jane-I double goofed yesterday but no worries...

Hi KulePing Members

We had a super-charged webinar on Saturday

It was all about the MoneyWheels

You can watch the replay here:

I got so engrossed in talking and demonstrating
the MoneyWheels that I had a double goofed.

1) I forgot to show my screen in the beginning
in the beginning of the webinar so you will see
a blank screen for the first 5 minutes but...

No Worries-

When we got to the live demonstration
of the MoneyWheels Phil gave me a kick in the
you know what and reminded me to show my screen

2) I forget to mention the bonus at the end
Yikes! My bad! Please forgive.

So here is how I am going to make up for that:

I was going to offer everyone on the call
100,000 KuleTraffic ad credits (Value $500.00)

Because I double goofed I am going to double that
to 200,000 ad credits (Value $1000.00)

And yes there is a catch.

You need to listen to the webinar until the
end and tell me what the last thing was I
said before we signed off.

I promise it won't be too much torture.

There were a lot of things that you really
need to know about how to get started online
in a business and watching the MoneyWheels
in action is a perfect way to start.

So.. Bottom Line.

Here is how you collect the bonus.

Step 1: Listen and watch the webinar

Step 2:  Make sure you are a member of KuleTraffic
so you can collect and use the bonus

Step 3: email me at:
Put in the subject line.

You were talking about this at the very end.

Give me your full name and your username at
Kule Traffic and...

And I will pop those 200K credits into your
account KuleTraffic account.

That's it.
You're done.

You will be 200,000 ad credits richer
at KuleTraffic. (Value $1000.00)

Go get um

Jane Mark
The MoneyWheels

NOTE: Please allow 24 hours for those credit to
be added to your account.

It's Sunday and I am going to spend some time
with my wonderful partner, Phil, and my 2 dogs
Cuddles and Teddy just goofing around

We will put on our favorite songs
Sing them together in 2 part harmony

And bring a little joy into these tough times.

Go and do likewise.

Be well Stay safe.

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