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Feb-24-2020, 04:27:22 pm
KulePing Members Would you like to ear-n a pretty-penny?
KulePing Members Would you like to ear-n a pretty-penny?

Hi KulePing Members

I am so pleased to tell you that we are working
on a drop dead crazy new Wheel-of-Fortune that
it is going to knock your socks off.

My partner, Phil Basten, has sworn me to silence but...
I can say this:

This new wheel will be brandable with your
own prizes. Nice!

You will be able to sell spots on the wheel
and ea-rn a pretty penny doing it.

Even Nicer!

It will be a feeder site to our main site
at Kuletraffic.

You will be building a list at kuletraffic
at the same time that you are selling your
own products on this new wheel.

You will be ea-rning commissions at the
same time that you are selling your own
products and building your list.

You can email that list daily so I guess you
could say that this his new wheel will be a
boon to your pocketbook every which way you
look at it.

The new wheel is a programing nightmare but...
When we are done it will be:

Fully automated
Fully customizable
Easy as pie to use and...

It will be filled with ways
to make dough from just this one wheel.

We are automating everything for you and
when it launches, it will be the one
very unique tool you turn to:

build a downline at KuleTraffic.
Email that downline daily.
Sell them products of yours that appear
right on the new wheel
Earn from each and every part of this new Wheel

It is called...
Whoops I am not allowed to tell you that yet.

Make sure you are a member of KuleTraffic
before this new baby gets off the ground

Spin and win -free traffic here:

All KuleTraffic members will get first crack
at this new Wheel-of-Fortune

Stay tuned...
We are about 8 days away from launch time.

Go get um

Jane Mark

Special-Offer...Go Platinum.

As you sign up to KuleTraffic watch for the
special platinum club offer.

Your platinum membership comes with
huge lifetime traffic plus...

A solo ad mailer to over 11,000 members.
Earn up to 238.80 per sale plus...

You get the existing Wheel-of-Fortune F-ree
with your platinum membership and that sells
for 297.00 so you are already ahead of the
game when you go Platinum at KuleTraffic.

You can put your own affiliate ids in the existing

If you are a platinum club member of Kule
traffic at the time of launch of the new
wheel you will get a special deal on the fully
branded wheel.

It will pay you to upgrade to Platimum before
the new wheel of fortunes hits the scene.

Never miss a chance to buy-into a great deal

KuleTraffic: It's fun, fast, and very profitable.

You are holding all the Aces-It's time to play-them
Did you know you can begin a home-business with 17 bucks?
Nevermind the steak. Here's the sizzle
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