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Oct-22-2020, 12:35:14 pm
When you ask-we listen-Double-your-dollars is back for 48-hours
When you ask-we listen-Double-your-dollars is back for 48-hours

Hi KulePing Members

You asked us to bring back our double
your dollars day at front page mail

When you ask
We listen.

We want to thank you for being
one of our valued subscribers.

My partner, Phil Basten, cooked
a doozy of an offer for you.

He wants to make it easy for you
to own the net.

He wants everyone to know who you are
and to know your name so...

Phil cooked up a double up deal at one of
our most popular sites, called Front Page Mail.

Today when you purchase $50.00 or more
buying tokens, we will double that purchase.

50.00 will get you 100.00
100.00 will get you 200.00
150.00 will get you 300.00
200.00 will get you 400.00
250.00 will get you 500.00

These are buying tokens that let you
buy and own keywords for life.

Here is what your keywords will do for you.


You attach your keywords to any website
you promote and we will promote that
website for you for life.


You can also attach your keywords to
12 well known mailers and blogs with
just 1 click.

When you attach keywords to your emails,
you get noticed.

Who notices you?
Google and all of the other search engines

You can pay a search engine professional
to get you on page 1 of Google or you
can use your keywords to do that and
save thousands of dollars.

You can get onto page 1 of google in 72
hours or less when you attach your keywords
to your emails.


It is all automated
You just click on one of your keywords and
bingo! It is added to the bottom of your email


You can purchase keywords for 1 buck.
You own the keyword or keyword phrase forever.
There is nowhere else on the net where you can do this.


Front page Mail is one of my favorite sites

It has everything an advertising site needs

* A solo ad mailer that reaches 200,000 with 1 click
* An Article mailer-that reaches 200,000 with 1 click.
* A downline Mailer

* Free Traffic for Life.

You can attach any websites you promote to these
keywords and we will promote them for you for life
at Front Page Mail.

Your keywords can be used at 19 other will known sites.
Use them at:

Your keywords can be used at 19 other will known sites.
Use them at:

Front page Mailer
Kulebuzz mailer
PFFA Mailer
Itzy Linx Mailer
ECC Mailer
Oodles of traffic Mailer
Headline Mail
Grabber Mail
KuleTraffic Mailer
Kuleblaster Mailer
Sokule Mailer,
Sokule Blog
Sokwall at Sokule
VAD Mailer
You can Reach Everyone Mailer
1StopProfits mailer

* It is affordable.
* It pays you well.

You can earn up to 523.50 per sale.
It is one of the easiest sites to sell.

Today we are making it drop dead easy for
you double your keywords at FPM.

Purchase $50.00 or more of buying tokens
today and we will double that purchase.

With 50 bucks you can buy 100 keywords today
with 100 bucks you can buy 200 keywords today
and so on.

You own these keywords for life.

Use this special double up paylink.

When you own keywords, you own the net.
Everyone will know who you are.
Everyone will know your name.

This offer is good for the next 24 hours only.

Don't Delay
Double your dollars today.

Go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

Note: This is a manual addition to your token
balance. Once you pay we will manually double
your buying tokens for you

Special offer... If you are not yet a member of Front Page Mail
sign up under my link today and I will put 100,000
free ad credits into your account. (Value $500.00)

Your purchase must be dated today or tomorrow
Oct 22 or Oct 23rd.

Did you know your success-story has already been written?
When-results matter mail to over 82,000 every 2 days for life
We build a Large targeted-List for You-You can have it-now if you like
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