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Sep-14-2021, 02:18:39 pm
At last-A Marketers Mailer-
Would you like to make your-mailings unforgettable?

Hi KulePing Members

Would you like to make your-mailings unforgettable?

Stand Out from the Crowd...
Make Your Mailings Unforgettable

Grabber Mail will get your attention
More Importantly, It will Grab Your Reader's Attention.

This mailer can do things No Other Mailer does.

I guarantee you, you have never seen anything like this before.

* You can mail Every 2 Days.
* No Credits To Earn.

* You can add an eye-catching Image to Your Email.
* This is all Automatic and Easy as pie to do.

* You Just Click on an Image and It appears in Your Email.
* This is optional but...
* The Image Makes Your Mailings Unforgettable.

* Get Your Emails in front of 250,000 Members.
* You Mail Once and Get Traffic from that email forever.

* Your Email shows up on 6 Sites at The Same Time.
* Each Email You Send Gets Traffic For Life

* Pay Once and Mail Forever or
* You Can Use our Flexpay System and pay in 2 steps.
* Earn Up to 198.80 per sale

Grabber Mail is a Marketer's Mailer.
When People Open your email it is Unforgettable.

It invites them to Take Action and that is
how you get more sign ups and sales.

Here is how you can get your hands on
Grabber Mail right out of the Gate.

go get um

Jane Mark

Special offer: Our Paid Memberships Are Limited for this very
special mailer. Pick up a Pro or Expert account today

The price will go up once these memberships sell out.

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