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Jan-25-2023, 01:23:05 pm
We built a-list of 26,900 and now-we are-giving-it to you
We built a-list of 26,900 and now-we are-giving-it to you

Hi KulePing Members

Would you want to make more-money?
We have the solution.
MyMoneyMailer can help you pocket the dough.

It's the unique mailer that's taking the web by storm.

Here are the hi-lights

My partner, Phil Basten and I, spent the last
12 months building new private mailing lists
and-now we are giving them to you.

It's called MyMoneyMailer
We call it MMM for short.

You can hop on board-now

There are 3 mailing-lists.
Each is unique

We built them over the past 12 months just for this new-mailer.

* Email over 6000 every 5 days (Pro Members)
* Email-Ove 11000 every 3 days (Expert Members)
* Email-over 26900 every 2 days (Founders)

There is a downline mailer-mail daily.

There are...

3 all new submitters

CoolSubmit millions daily with 1-click
Cashlinks-Submitter-We set up to 100 backlinks for you.
There is also an easy to state of the art rotator

You must be a pa-id member to access the
submitters and to use the mailer.

You can ea-rn up to $173.95 per sale plus...
a-$100.00 kicker for every 5 sales you make in one week.

You can join -f-ree and pick up 1 million no-cost ad-credits
and assign them to text and banner ad displays (Value 5000.00)

But if you want to use the power of this new site...

Grab one of the pa-id memberships and start your engines.

Go get um

Jane Mark

Special offers...

Be sure to grab your upgrade as you sign up.
You will pay more for it in the members area.

Read more-here:

When you roll the-dice make sure your (chances to-win) are-100%
Mega-mailer to 188,737 every 2 days Would you like to pick it up?
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